Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Art through the Band

Rep meeting


I had my first Rep meeting today. It was pretty interesting, we talked about how students were not coming in and i believe there was a teacher that was leaving and was not going to be replaced. The Teachers were bothered about the student to teacher ratio and how there were too many students per teacher, which i think is right.

We aso talked about communication between classmates and how a facebook page was set up etc.

The meeting was educational but a bit long. I am happy to be apart of it though XD

My fatman picture

This is an image of what my crazy fatman people look like. This one is one of the first sketches.
at this moment in time my clay sculpture is hopefully being fired in the kiln to be glazed. It has a copper oxide on it so it should bleed a green colour....SWEEET!!!
This is a pic of me and some friends sitting next to Jeffrey Daniel XD