Friday, 27 November 2009



I had the wood induction on this day. It was cool just making sure we use the machine correctly without sawing our hand off.


The ceramics ionductions was pretty cool. They taught us how to set plaster and the rules of the ceramic area such as always wearing an apron etc. It is a place i am interested in working in as i have never glazed anything before. i might try making my weird fatmen characters.

  • Firing is a two day process that is done on mon, wed and friday.
  • Always wear Apron
  • most cheapest bags of clay are £4.50 you have to buy coupons from the paper store to buy it
  • you must let your piece dry out before you fire it
  • be careful of what is put in with the clay. If plaster and clay is mixed it has a chance of exploding
  • Rustle and Diane are really helpfull if you need help ask for them
glaze can change colour when heated.

Hazel Lectures

Hazel was addressing creativity and what methods can be used to help t provoke it. One interesting idea was something called force fitting. Its when you pick things entirely random and try to join them together. This helps you to find what works and what does not e.g. comparing a car with a camel. camel can run on on water (camel care using water for fuel), or camels like to spit (have a spit gun at the end of you car) etc. It is something to consider if i get a ridiculous mind block

Cross Course Crit


The crit was interesting. It gave us chance to demonstrate our work to other members of our class. It was a little bit long but we all gave each other things to possible improve on or think about. Someone commented on my working style. Its something that I myself is working on. It involves steps of work.
Step 1: do random quick sketches of anything.
Step 2: pic an idea then draw it more refined on a an A3 or A2 piece of paper.
Step 3: Scan the images of steps 1 and 2 and see how many variations you can create from them using acetate and paper.
step 4: pic the best ideas then produce either a massive or 3D piece of the work.
Step 5: Anything Random.

People seemed to like this style of working. I plan on using this work process to do my work throughout my course


The food project is going ok. As usual i am just drawing random pics.

I have drawn some quirky fatman characters with square heads, which i think look kinda cool. I realisedd that the idea of having square heads was interesting as it is often used to hide peoples identity e.g. put a paper bag over your head!! In this way it brings more attention to the models excessive fat and flab. This could relate to how overweight people are not seen as a personality they are just seen as being someone who is fat. I will keep working on this and see where it goes.

Animation: i am interested in possibly doing another animation hmmm

Hazel Lectures


We had a lecture with Hazel, it involved thinking about the SEVEN STEPS TO CREATIVE HEAVEN. I forgot to write down what they were but if i am only 5 of them i will be happy XD.

I had written down a quote that Hazel had showed us. It was to do with looking at the sun or searching for it. The quote reads 'I went empty handed with a ball of fire in my head' It was from a movie clip called 'Doodlin.' I thought it was a really nice quote, it brings more power to the simple act of seeing.

We watched a short film about Charlie Chaplin. I thought it was amazing how he strived for such perfection in the scene with the girl selling flowers. I beleive the same way, as when sonmething is worth doing you might as well do it right. Watching films today i beleive they have lost touch with this rule. Michael Jackson was the same, he would pick up on the smallest detail and say to change it just because he knew what he wanted from it. Charlie Chaplin took a long time on the scene but finally acheived the result he wanted. I will try and be as diligent as this

Leonardo Da vinci project

We had been set a task to draw what Da Vinci would have made if he was around today.
They will be in an exhibition playing in a loop.

Note: I will have to have a think what to do but i think its seems like a good idea

Thursday, 5 November 2009


This week has been on of the most busiest weeks of the year as of yet.

At uni i was doing the usual (drawing fat people XD) and at this time i was also doing inductions. My induction was the very interesting silkscreen press. After all this time i finally get how it was done, it baffled me so much.

For all you people out there that have no idea what i am talking about, here is the explanation. A special paint is applied to a silk sheet attached to a frame, you then print off a desired black and white image onto acetate, you position the acetate onto the silk and place in a "light box," the light box dries out all the parts that are not black on the chosen image, therefore leaving the black lined areas to be removed by water. Place your screen on a printing table thing get paint and paper and push the paint through the gaps onto the paper below and presto you have your first print XD.

Next part of the week comprised of me getting to granada studios at 7:30 to do a audition until 7:00pm. I did not get through but i made a few friends and saw a few famous people like "Jeremy kyle," "Arleen Philips," and some other dudes XD.

next day was a gig at revolution in town for a guy called ben. It was his 21st birthday party so my band performed.

next day was Halloween gig in stockport. Went crazy wore a zombi constume was pretty cool.

next day was a battle of the bands. "We kicked ASS" but we did not win but its all in the name of fun and experiance, we are hoping to join another BOB soon soo keep your eyes peeled.

next day was my driving test, which i failed i hit a bloody curb doing parallel parking . I was well annoyed.

i am aware that the band stuff and auditions is irrelevant to art but i thought it was a week worth remembering XD

Rhysio out

week 4

Started my food project. We were asked to keep a log of all the food we had eaten and to comstruct a brain storm of ideas about food.

My sketches went off on a tangent. I started drawing really fat square headed creatures. I later animated them, which was an interesting task, while doing so i realised i needed to buy a papper clip to hold all of my sheets in place. I held this off as i found out the little bit of plastic cost £3.00 "shocking." second of all using tracing paper to create the animation is a good idea. One problem is that the paper is thinner than normal paper and therefore curls with the heat from the lamps. It also reflects differently than normal paper, but as a starting point its not bad.

This week i just powered on the sketchbook work. I had drawings of "mechanical people eaters" to pictures of more fat people etc. I also came up with changing the names of food companies to funnier names such as "smackdonalds" and "pizza slut" etc. I thought it turned out pretty well.

anyway ime to draw more fat people XD

Rhysio out