Thursday, 5 November 2009

week 4

Started my food project. We were asked to keep a log of all the food we had eaten and to comstruct a brain storm of ideas about food.

My sketches went off on a tangent. I started drawing really fat square headed creatures. I later animated them, which was an interesting task, while doing so i realised i needed to buy a papper clip to hold all of my sheets in place. I held this off as i found out the little bit of plastic cost £3.00 "shocking." second of all using tracing paper to create the animation is a good idea. One problem is that the paper is thinner than normal paper and therefore curls with the heat from the lamps. It also reflects differently than normal paper, but as a starting point its not bad.

This week i just powered on the sketchbook work. I had drawings of "mechanical people eaters" to pictures of more fat people etc. I also came up with changing the names of food companies to funnier names such as "smackdonalds" and "pizza slut" etc. I thought it turned out pretty well.

anyway ime to draw more fat people XD

Rhysio out

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