Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Week 3

Hazel gave us a talk about the brain. From what i have written it weighs 3pounds and contains a million billion nerves....Coool.

In Victorian times people believed the brain to be like clockwork, of course that is not true but it makes for an interesting looking concept, which i might try and draw one day.

We were shown videos by Gerald Edelman that explained how the brain "is not a computer," he explained how a computer would need a database of everything just so it can label an object e.g. An umbrella of a different design would not be acknowledged as an umbrella unless it was databased. A human mind of course would realize the shape etc of an umbrella and recognize it instantly.

It was quite interesting, as it made you appreciate and think deeper about how complex and amazing the mind can be.

For some reason the talk about brains and computers reminded me of an old film called "Metropolis," i found it to be an amazing film full of art deco designs and other interesting quirks. One scene in particular is where the mind of a woman is imprinted onto a robots. it is an iconic scene although i cant remember much else after that. My favorite scene of the movie is near the beginning, it depicts the factory workers changing shifts. The workers walk all in unison like robots. I thought it was quite scary.

Rhysio out

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