Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Last post

ok its been a good year i hope to do quadruple what i did this year, next year. My back is killing me because i lifted up some heafty amplifier, but all is cool.

see you on the flip side XD.

Rhys Fagan

Monday, 19 April 2010

Dancing project

i am yet to embark on my dancing project. So far i am tinkering with video's of myself dancing. I am editing and manipulating the movies in final cut pro, which looks pretty good actually although i have not had a great deal of time to tinker fully to my harts content, but i am working on it.

Other plans involve a documentary about why dance is so important and what makes dance look effective. So stay tuned until i explore these deep depths of dance philosophy.

Performing in Glossop

Myself and Chuman performed a popping/locking/breaking routine for our classmates, it was extremely tiring and no one else did anything after that, but overall it was very fun. To be honest we had no idea what we were doing, but no one needs to know that XD


on the second talk with Michael Howard he touched on something that i remembered; he was describing music or sound, he basically was saying without the spaces in between the notes we would not have music or something of that nature. This got me thinking, what if i was to repeat a phrase or a sound so much that it almost becomes silence. Its a bit of a strange idea, but when you think about it everything is supposed to vibrate, so either it is too small a vibration, or the fact that the vibration is so monotonous that our minds do not acknowledge it and therefore can no longer hear it.

The second thing that intrigued me was the techniques a poet used to acheive interesting sentences through newspaper cut outs. These words are read out at random, as if they made sense with a sencire voice. Some of it was random but sometimes you got things that kind of make sense. I found it an interesting technique in finding lyrics when you are having a hard time making up your own. This reminded me of Hazels creative practice lectures. so i decided to make note of it.

Proof that my kite did actually leave the ground (kind of fell dangerously milliseconds afterwards though)

Glossop Trip 25th March

A trip to commemorate the famous Ludwig Wittgenstein. We flew kits on the Moors, which was very fun although my kite had no dream of flying. It was a great day though, as it was incredibly windy and it was good seeing the entire year enjoying themselves. Michael Howard ran most of the trip and it was very fascinating to hear his knowledge on Wittgenstein. Me a and a few other friends were there till about 9 to listen to his more in depth lecture on him. Michael Howard has become one of my favorite lecturer, because for some reason i can just concentrate far easier when he is giving the lecture. Me and a few others even got to see his private art gallery, which was very nice. It was situated in a refurbished old building, it had all different kinds of furniture and was deadly cosy.

Wittgenstein himself was an interesting subject, a am yet to read the book that he wrote but the pictures of him supposedly sitting next to Hitler are very freaky.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

U is the unbelievable, believing the believer

The second video to the John Hegly poem