Monday, 19 April 2010

Glossop Trip 25th March

A trip to commemorate the famous Ludwig Wittgenstein. We flew kits on the Moors, which was very fun although my kite had no dream of flying. It was a great day though, as it was incredibly windy and it was good seeing the entire year enjoying themselves. Michael Howard ran most of the trip and it was very fascinating to hear his knowledge on Wittgenstein. Me a and a few other friends were there till about 9 to listen to his more in depth lecture on him. Michael Howard has become one of my favorite lecturer, because for some reason i can just concentrate far easier when he is giving the lecture. Me and a few others even got to see his private art gallery, which was very nice. It was situated in a refurbished old building, it had all different kinds of furniture and was deadly cosy.

Wittgenstein himself was an interesting subject, a am yet to read the book that he wrote but the pictures of him supposedly sitting next to Hitler are very freaky.

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