Monday, 19 April 2010


on the second talk with Michael Howard he touched on something that i remembered; he was describing music or sound, he basically was saying without the spaces in between the notes we would not have music or something of that nature. This got me thinking, what if i was to repeat a phrase or a sound so much that it almost becomes silence. Its a bit of a strange idea, but when you think about it everything is supposed to vibrate, so either it is too small a vibration, or the fact that the vibration is so monotonous that our minds do not acknowledge it and therefore can no longer hear it.

The second thing that intrigued me was the techniques a poet used to acheive interesting sentences through newspaper cut outs. These words are read out at random, as if they made sense with a sencire voice. Some of it was random but sometimes you got things that kind of make sense. I found it an interesting technique in finding lyrics when you are having a hard time making up your own. This reminded me of Hazels creative practice lectures. so i decided to make note of it.

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