Monday, 11 January 2010

Water girl

Girl floating in water in response to the water theme

Bill Viola

I first got introduced by this work when we did the crazy party thing at the start of the year. At first i did not really understand his work that much, but it has gradually grown on me. He is an artist that studies the boundaries of life and death. The reason for this is that when he was young he almost drowned. Viola Aims to recreate this feeling through his art, which i find looks eerie and beautiful.

Portishead- There was a song that i found by the band Portishead it is called 'Only you.' The video is amazingly hypnotic it appears as if someone is floating in water but there is no water around. I am really intrigued on how this effect was achieved.

aqua muscle

some ideas that i have been trying n photoshop, its not finished yet but its in motion. Inspired by Bob Violas underwater art, as well as the character 'Guyver.' I aim to explore the use of colour and background in this image.

During this image i have discovered a very simple but interesting thing, i found that to colour the background in first allows you to base the subjects colour and shade to reflect the surroundings making a far greater realistic look.
From this I realize that the colours you use are actually far darker then you would expect; this makes the highlights even more prominant.

My error in not discovering this sooner was my reluctance to paint in colour, i usually just use blacks and whites to draw my images. Now that i am getting the hang of this, my images are even more rewarding.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Relief for the primative essay Beast

Finally essay has been completed, the amount of stress it created and it was only 1500 words, all i can hope for is a good grade XD. for the next essay i aim to start it even earlier and get help from Helen bowman sooner rather than later XD

My scultpture

getting on with my Clay model took ages but i finally got it glazed. It was an interesting procedure, i found it cool how the glaze drys instantly when you did your sculpture in, the clay literally soaks up all the moisture into itself. To be honest i wanted the copper oxide to bleed more but you can never predict how it is going to run. Overall it was a good experience

Cbeebies Stuff

came up with an idea for CBeeBies, well to be honest i had thought up of it ages ago. It is the grand and amazing characters Bristle Boy and Pastey Dude. Its a short animation about two cleaning heros that teach children about health. They set out to clean all the rotten teeth and restore peace to tooth town XD. If this idea is accepted i will get to have it made while working with the BBC. GOOD OPPORTUNITY

Talking to Thom

Bit random but a little while ago i remember talking to Thom about doing an animation. It was inspired by the animations that Hazel showed us. It was called 'Your Face' by Bill Plymton (i think) a jist of the animation was using one subject such as 'Your Face' and applying many random attributes to it, such as shrinking, twisting and squashing. There was a second animation about two men and a square but i forgot the name of it. Anyway the idea was about realtime motion of someone throwing a paperball at the screen this then initiates the 2D animation section. The idea is quite brief but i thought the mixing of 2D and 3D would be cool. XD