Tuesday, 13 April 2010

London trip

London trip was really good, i really enjoyed the V and A, as it had huge artifacts in unexpected places. All the artworks were well crafted and made, as well as the V and A building itself, it was nice just being in there. One of the artifacts i remember is this really old bible that was really cool. There was also an exhibition called "Decode," which was fun to be in, as it had many interactive artworks such as sound responsive images and works that reacted to motion, we spent most of our time at one artwork, which recorded what you did for three seconds then repeated it very fast alongside other recorded images.

We later ventured to another gallery and some of my classmates said they bumped into Leonardo Di Caprio, which was pretty cool.

We also had some good times in the Generator hostel, Arnold not coming back on one of the nights made things a lot more interesting anyway.

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