Thursday, 5 November 2009


This week has been on of the most busiest weeks of the year as of yet.

At uni i was doing the usual (drawing fat people XD) and at this time i was also doing inductions. My induction was the very interesting silkscreen press. After all this time i finally get how it was done, it baffled me so much.

For all you people out there that have no idea what i am talking about, here is the explanation. A special paint is applied to a silk sheet attached to a frame, you then print off a desired black and white image onto acetate, you position the acetate onto the silk and place in a "light box," the light box dries out all the parts that are not black on the chosen image, therefore leaving the black lined areas to be removed by water. Place your screen on a printing table thing get paint and paper and push the paint through the gaps onto the paper below and presto you have your first print XD.

Next part of the week comprised of me getting to granada studios at 7:30 to do a audition until 7:00pm. I did not get through but i made a few friends and saw a few famous people like "Jeremy kyle," "Arleen Philips," and some other dudes XD.

next day was a gig at revolution in town for a guy called ben. It was his 21st birthday party so my band performed.

next day was Halloween gig in stockport. Went crazy wore a zombi constume was pretty cool.

next day was a battle of the bands. "We kicked ASS" but we did not win but its all in the name of fun and experiance, we are hoping to join another BOB soon soo keep your eyes peeled.

next day was my driving test, which i failed i hit a bloody curb doing parallel parking . I was well annoyed.

i am aware that the band stuff and auditions is irrelevant to art but i thought it was a week worth remembering XD

Rhysio out

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