Friday, 27 November 2009

Hazel Lectures


We had a lecture with Hazel, it involved thinking about the SEVEN STEPS TO CREATIVE HEAVEN. I forgot to write down what they were but if i am only 5 of them i will be happy XD.

I had written down a quote that Hazel had showed us. It was to do with looking at the sun or searching for it. The quote reads 'I went empty handed with a ball of fire in my head' It was from a movie clip called 'Doodlin.' I thought it was a really nice quote, it brings more power to the simple act of seeing.

We watched a short film about Charlie Chaplin. I thought it was amazing how he strived for such perfection in the scene with the girl selling flowers. I beleive the same way, as when sonmething is worth doing you might as well do it right. Watching films today i beleive they have lost touch with this rule. Michael Jackson was the same, he would pick up on the smallest detail and say to change it just because he knew what he wanted from it. Charlie Chaplin took a long time on the scene but finally acheived the result he wanted. I will try and be as diligent as this

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