Friday, 27 November 2009



I had the wood induction on this day. It was cool just making sure we use the machine correctly without sawing our hand off.


The ceramics ionductions was pretty cool. They taught us how to set plaster and the rules of the ceramic area such as always wearing an apron etc. It is a place i am interested in working in as i have never glazed anything before. i might try making my weird fatmen characters.

  • Firing is a two day process that is done on mon, wed and friday.
  • Always wear Apron
  • most cheapest bags of clay are £4.50 you have to buy coupons from the paper store to buy it
  • you must let your piece dry out before you fire it
  • be careful of what is put in with the clay. If plaster and clay is mixed it has a chance of exploding
  • Rustle and Diane are really helpfull if you need help ask for them
glaze can change colour when heated.

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